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Quickanet is the latest innovation in free WiFi Connectivity and Lifestyle Support Services

Quickanet’s free Downloadable App with it's "Power Pass" feature, quickly searches, finds and automatically connects you to our Free WiFi hotspots in just a few seconds. No more need to enter any complicated passwords, email addresses or social media account details.

Once you are connected, you have total freedom to browse the web or use your social media as normal, Additionally, Quickanet offers you access to a huge array of products and ...

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Featuresand Benefits

Quickanet's App delivers real Benefits, Measured in Savings.

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  • Quickanet "Power Pass"

    Automatically connect to any
    Quickanet Hotspot

  • Scan QR Code Connection

    Another great method is to connect
    using our built-in (QR) Code Scanner

  • WiFI Connection Management

    Keep total control over where and
    when you connect to Quickanet’s
    WiFI Hotspot

  • Access to Promotions

    View all your coupons and offers from
    a single location on your APP screen

  • Proximity Based Services

    “Find My Nearest” searches based on
    your wants or needs at any time

  • Lifestyle Support Service

    Receive up-to-the-minute coupons
    and special offers based on your

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Quickanet for

Quickanet is an easy way for you to utilize the power of WiFi to advertise your multiple Business ads right where customers wil see them.

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Quickanet's powerful Wi-Fi
Promotion and Management System

delivers a unique way for mobile marketers
to engage with consumers on the go.

  • Location Based Marketing

    Send your Digital Coupons directly to your customers mobile devices as well as potentially new customers through your WiFi network and WiFi powered by other Businesses near you.

  • Customized Campaigns

    Customize your Digital Coupon Campaign. Create an immediate coupon campaign in response to quiet periods, rush hour or other special events. Target a specific demographic and much more.

  • Business Analytics

    Easy to read Business Analytics Dashboard showing data points and the effectiveness of your Campaigns. Create custom reports which are super easy to understand with our colorful summarized displays.

  • Grow Your Busines

    Quickanet puts your WiFi to effective use, which will Increase the number of customers. Increase the average transaction size. Increase the frequency of transactions per customer.

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